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Thirst for love

< 1 minute

Her sweet words stole my breath,
Her irresistible charm awoke my spirit from death,
Slowly and steadily my heart lost control,
It beats on its own rhythm, rise and fall,

It doesn’t know my thirst,
It experienced this sweet pain very first,
It just beats and I suffer in vain,
Her absence is driving me insane,

Her soul seems familiar since ages,
Her mellifluous voice echoes in my mind nights and days,

My heart is restless, I’ve lost all my sense,
It’ll be quenched by her only presence,
My eyes look for her in every possible sight,
They know nowhere but her angelic face to alight,

Her intense gaze that almost killed me,
Stopped my heart from beating,
Slowly and steadily my eyes lost sleeps,
Love for her from my blood seeps,

My smile resonates with frequency of her memories,
My attention lulled by her caressing love breeze,

I spend each evening in memories of her,
Morning to nightfall, my eyes await her,
The obsession has taken control over my mind,
This craze for her, will she someday find?
I do believe in love, love,
Does she believe in my love, love?

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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