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  • Thousands of desires each worth dying for, Many of them I have realized…yet I yearn for more.

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    Iceland – The land of Fire, Ice and Waterfalls

< 1 minute

​Under the blanket in chilling winter,
I write my poetry although my hands shiver,
Fingers have frozen like a stone,
My heart is still pumping blood in vein,

A memory from the past keeps me awake,
A memory that I try every night to forget,
Once I too had someone to express,
A special one to listen all my interests,
All I have now is my loneliness and my dreams,
I scare to share my thoughts no matter how mature it seems,

Evenings got washed, nights got changed,
Days passed, months did, years they became,
Writing kept me hooked all these years,
A purpose to live despite all the tears,
No drinks, yet I am addicted,
Noone around, yet I am seduced,

Now poetry is my life, poetry is my love,
I ain’t pleased with any other stuff,
I have found a new way to express,
Feelings that would otherwise have been dumped in distress.
At least it will never leave me ever,
I can write my heart out forever.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Deep down in your eyes,
I see there silent cries,
In the loneliness of your soul,
Don’t let your worries upon you crawl,
When you’re afraid of the rain,
You can just call my name,

Because our love is not selfish,
It is pure,
Look into my eyes,
There you will find,
My blooming love for you,

Walk with me into the mist,
To discover what your heart desires at least,
Our fates are entwined, as you see,
Like salt and water are mixed in a sea,

Because our lives are too busy,
And there is time passing by,
Open your heart and unveil what hides inside,
No matter what, I’ll be by your side,

When troubles seem to take a ride,
Close your eyes, you’ll see me fighting at your side,
When darkness makes you insane,
Hold my hand, you’ll be home again,

Because this is what love means to be,
To share ups and downs of the life’s sea,
And my love for you surpasses all,
I can’t ever let you fall,

With time you shall forget the past,
These memories do seldom last,
The only thing that remains
is we stood together in those hard rains.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

So many words are there to say,
Yet they fail to express how I feel for you night and day,
Tell me how I express those feelings to you,
I wonder if you’ve even got a clue,

I have moved around the world,
Never found someone like you girl,
An eye contact with you just makes my day,
When you smile, I seem to lose my way,

So many words I want to say,
Something keeps me from you to say,
Tell me how I get outta this fear,
Save me from this pain to bear,

I see you pass by me everyday,
One half of heart wants to hide, other half wants to say,
I try hard to ask you out,
Sometimes in fear, sometimes in doubt,

I blink more often when I talk to you,
Does this gesture give you some clue?
Every night I keep looking at the sky in blue,
Has this something to do with those feelings for you?

Every encounter with you blossoms my lonely heart,
Rains of happiness are there in every part,
Tell me how I express my feelings to you,
I wonder if you’ve even got a clue.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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2 min read

Ek khwaab dekha hai maine kabhi,
Jahan tum bhi hogi aur baarish bhi,
Baarish ki boondon mein hum sang bheeg rahe honge,
Unn namkeen hawaon ki mehek ko mehsus kar rahe honge,

Tanha chaand ki roshni mein safed ret ki chamak hogi,
Samundar ki lahrein phir bhi ek azeeb si khamoshi hogi,
Ek khushnuma ehsaas aur ek andheri raat,
Aur taaron ki timtimahat tale bas hamara sath,

Kuch ankahee baatein hongi,
Hontho pe muskurahat hogi,
Aankhon me shararat hogi,
Mann me sugbugaahat hogi,

Aasman ko dekh hum gunguna rahe honge,
Uss anmol pal ko taare bhi nihaar rahe honge,
Raat ki chaandni mein hum khoye honge,
EK dusre ki baahon mein soye honge,

Karke saari bandhano ko darkinaar,
Lahraate samunder ke kinare hoga apna aashiyaan,
Mohabbat hogi beshumaar,
Jo ho na sakega lafzon me bayaan,

Bas intezaar hai tumhara tasveer se nikalne ka,
Tumse do meethi baatein karne ka,
Ek nayi zindagi jeene ka,
Ek naya rasta lene ka.

English translation
I have a dream sometime,
In which you are there, so is rain,
Drenching we are together in those raindrops,
Feeling those salty smell of breeze,

There is glitter of white sand in the light of lonely moon,
There is weird sereneness in spite of waves of ocean,
A feeling of happiness and a dark night,
And our togetherness under twinkling stars,

Some words unsaid,
Blooming smile on lips,
Naughtiness in eyes,
A little hesitation in mind,

Beneath the sky, there are us, lullabying,
That precious moment being stared by stars,
We are there, lost in moonlight,
Resting in each other’s arms,

Leaving aside all bonds,
Besides rippling oceans, there is our home,
Unconditional love beyond imagination,
Which can’t be described merely in words,

All I am waiting is for you to jump out of the picture,
To have a word with you,
To live a new life with you,
To take a new path with you.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Raat din tere khyalon mein duba rahun,
Ik pal bhi tumhe na main bhula karun,
Har dua mein tumhe hi bas pucha karun,
Inn aahton mein tumhe dhundhta firun,

Teri parchhaiyon ka main pichha karun,
Teri har zikr mein main fikr karun,
Tu anzaan hai agar mere iss pyaar se,
Aa tujhko apni chahat se rubaru karun,

Ab toh aadat hai iss kadar tere sath ki,
Tere bin yeh zindagi hai bina saans ki,
Umeed ki sau kiranein hain palkon pe mere,
Jehn mein chhapi hai dastan ishq ki tere,

Main hun shayar tera, tu meri shayari,
Tu keh de toh likh dun main ik diary,
Saare panno pe honge tere ishq ki talab,
Mujhe zamane ki parwaah nahi hai ab,

Tu mera armaan hai, tu mera aasman,
Teri jaisi haseen iss jahan mein kahan,
Main toh zinda hun tere liye hi sanam,
Tu jo sath ho, mushkilein ho jayein kam,

Shab se subah tak tumhe socha karun,
So bhi jaun phir bhi tumhe dekha karun,
Raat din tere khyalon mein duba rahun,
Ik pal bhi tumhe na main bhula karun,
Raat din tere khyalon mein duba rahun,
Ik pal bhi tumhe na main bhula karun.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal, All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Na jaane kyun yeh dil har pal tumhe dhundhta hai,
Tumse kuch kehne ko yeh yun machalta hai,
Tu jo hai toh yeh saansein chalti hain,
Tere bin yeh zindagi adhuri lagti hai,

Har sheesha mein tera aks nazar ata hai,
Tere siva kuch aur samajh na ata hai,
Na jaane kyun yeh dil har pal tumhe dhundhta hai,
Har lamha bas tera saath chahta hai,

Khwabon mein kyun har roz tu a jati hai,
Ab raaton mein neend mujhe na ati hai,
To na ho toh yeh jahan veerana lagta hai,
Tera mera rishta sadiyon purana lagta hai,

Na jaane kyun yeh dil har pal tumhe dhundhta hai,
Tumse kuch kehne ko yeh yun machalta hai,
Tu jo hai toh yeh saansein chalti hain,
Tere bin yeh zindagi adhuri lagti hai.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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2 min read

1. Travel while you are young
“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye
Traveling changes the way you think and perceive the world. Do adventures. After all, life is all about adventures, isn’t it?

2. Lower your expectations
Don’t keep too much expectations from anyone. Expectations might hurt you

3. Don’t take life too seriously
No one has ever escaped it alive. Those with coins enjoy drenching in rains peacefully. While those with currency notes in their pockets keep looking for roof

4. Choose friends wisely
Have a small circle of friends who share your interests. They don’t need to be in the same group. If you’re interested in music, find someone who is that crazy as well. Love to shake your legs in DJ? Find a dance partner and your happiness will be doubled

5. Love finds its way
Stop chasing love and start pouring that energy in something new, something exciting. Love usually comes when it’s the right time

6. Be optimistic
A hopeless person is as good as a dead. Hope keeps you telling there are things worth fighting for

7. Keep smiling
You’ll attract good people full with positive energy around you. Noone wants to talk to sadistic people

8. Get a good tight sleep
Keep your worries out of sight when you go to bed. A good mental health is the secret ingredient of happiness. And a good mind needs a peaceful stress-free sleep

9. Don’t tie your emotions with materialistic things
Broke your car? No problem, you can always get it fixed. Sometimes, it can be difficult but not impossible. Spend money in experiences and you will cherish it for the lifetime

Bonus tip from our favorite headmaster of magic:


Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

In the night when clouds pass by,
Full of pain these eyes cry,
A faded picture you appears on wall,
Memories spent with you begins to crawl,

The beautiful spark was between us,
Innocent blooming love that could make any soul jealous,
When everything was just going fine,
Why did our interests not align?
After all the caring for nights and days,
I still don’t know why we broke up and parted our ways,
I thought I would always make it right,
Never imagined you could ever out of sight,

Although we argued and fought each other,
At the end of day, we were together,
Fights at dusk always dissolved with greetings of good mornings,
My days won’t great without your morrow rings,

In the night when clouds cover the moon,
I ask myself, “Will it be all over soon?”
I don’t wanna live in darkness,
When will moon of happiness tear down colors of sadness?

In the night when I stare at roof,
I keep turning sides, coz sleep from eyes is unhooked,
Your sweet voice echoes from far behind,
Purpose of my life without you, where do I find?

In the dawn when sunrays brighten my face,
I check my phone accidently for your presence,
These realize were are days of past,
Happy moments are ephemeral, they seldom last,

A feeling of emptiness after unheard prayer,
My life seems to crumble in despair,
With the moment spent with you, my heart dances,
I, sometimes wonder if dying love also has chances,

In the day when I smile widely outside,
There is nothing but a void inside,
If it were possible to rip heart out,
I would the first to try it out.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal, All rights reserved.

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4 min read

Well, this question is bugging me for the past few months.
What profession would I have chosen if each profession is equally valued and earns me equal salary?

Before I dive into thoughts and weave webs about my feelings of living life , here is something which has fuelled my desires to live and changed my perspective of life completely:
Life is not always about destination. Sometimes the journey is more important and beautiful. Sometimes, you don’t care about where you want to reach. It just takes one special person to make that journey refreshing, enjoyable and memorable.

Once I started thinking about this, I started having a gut feeling that this is not the life I always wished to have. A life which gives me enough money to survive in this inflated world. A life where everything is virtual. A life where we stalk each other on web and develop a simple perception based on what we see and read. The vast majority of my past “likes” on social sites have been given by the people, whom I never met. Even if we have got a popular profile with tons of views, it’s not the profile which gets bored and lonely, it’s just us. Social networks have penetrated our lives to such extent that instead of experiencing real life, we keep our eyes constantly glued to screen and our ears filled with earbuds, putting our energy in judging people online who show others only a fraction of who they actually are in real life. Data says, if Facebook were a country, it would have the third-highest population, behind China and India. How cool!

I wish there were some app which could notify, “Hey! you need to enjoy fresh air. It has been long when you met real people”. After acquisition of Nest by Google, we can even expect such technology in near future.

I always wanted to make money, lots and lots of money so that I could live a king size luxurious life. A big Bungalow, a good wife(really?) and a Mercedes(I didn’t know a better car that time :P) to take a drive. That long drive on the non-ending hilly roads in the dusk of monsoon, with drops of rainy water gently kissing our faces, with a no care in the world. But in this tightly packed busy-busy schedule, all those dreams are lost. Those dead sunken dreams are awoken by just one incident. That one incident happened when I chose to watch Zindagi na milegi dobara (You get to live life only once) on a boring Sunday noon, which pumped adrenaline in my veins. An adrenaline rush to fuel my desire to live. An insight that materialistic things were never meant to be the sources of real happiness.  Sometimes, we don’t need to seek happiness elsewhere. It is just within us. We only need to take a break, hold and look inside.

I have been more interested in photography, cars, traveling while being closer to nature. Nothing is more soothing than capturing moments you live in a camera so that you can relive those moments, freshen your memories when needed. Nature, beautiful nature. That wind whispering through the dry grass. Those golden flowers waltzing in the gentle breeze. Transparent water droplets splashed when a huge waterfall strikes the big stones on its way give a much more pleasant feeling, a feeling of relaxation, a feeling which is non comparable.

With all these thoughts, I realize I have never been so much wrong in my entire 25 years. But all this is only a feeling, like a fragrance floating in air, which can only be felt, which lasts only for couple of moments and then gets lost like we do in this fast moving technological world.

I have never been so lonely. I wish to explore the things around me before it’s too late, before my passion is crushed by the pressure of responsibility.

In the last 10 months, I started exploring the world. Trying out different things have been fun for me. I never thought I would ever get this much time for all these stuffs without hampering my work . They say it’s just about priorities and time management. Some people call me travel junkie, someone that crazy to save every penny for the next travel. Some call me adventure seeker, may be because I lived life to the extreme, may be because I have tried many things: Bungee jumping, Parasailing, Sea walking, Sky diving, Scuba diving.

To know and understand things better, I started picking up things one by one, dancing, piano, poem, photography. And the list goes on. Someone has said, 20 years from now, you would regret less about the things you did than the things you didn’t. I wish I would have started this earlier. Anyways, It’s better late than never.

There are things yet to explore, places yet to visit and experiences yet to garner. Who knows, while doing so, I may find my life companion. I could then someday tell, “And bwoy, this is how your mom and dad met”.

After exploring so many things, traveling seems to be just made for me. A guy who easily mingles with new people, never afraid of trying out new adventures and flexible enough to easily adapt to the new surroundings and culture. Traveling has changed me a lot. It has turned me into a writer, a poet. Someone has rightly said, “Traveling – It first leaves you speechless, and then it turns you into a storyteller”.

You know what, I have turned 25 this year. Why do I still feel like I haven’t achieved much? Why do I still feel I could have done much more? A writing from Ghalib beautifully explains my situation:

Thousands of desires each worth dying for,
Many of them I have realized…yet I yearn for more.

At this age of life, I am,
Too young to start saving for a future, too old to live carefree,
Too young for people to take you seriously, too old to speak your mind freely,
Too young to settle down, too old to switch your profession,
Too young for philosophies, too old for cartoons.

An excerpt from ZNMD which is true to its each word:

Did we ever quit our jobs, switch off our phones, leave all tensions behind and just travel? No. We’ve only been planning of this while life passed us by? This ‘my bwoy’ is a serious problem! We live just once but die everyday at the hands of our mundane lives. May be, it’s time to explore the unexplored and let the road decide our destination.

Signing off for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have something to share, I would love to hear. After all this is how we connect, by listening, by telling, by sharing, isn’t it?

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  Some rights reserved.

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