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English poetry

< 1 minute

So many words are there to say,
Yet they fail to express how I feel for you night and day,
Tell me how I express those feelings to you,
I wonder if you’ve even got a clue,

I have moved around the world,
Never found someone like you girl,
An eye contact with you just makes my day,
When you smile, I seem to lose my way,

So many words I want to say,
Something keeps me from you to say,
Tell me how I get outta this fear,
Save me from this pain to bear,

I see you pass by me everyday,
One half of heart wants to hide, other half wants to say,
I try hard to ask you out,
Sometimes in fear, sometimes in doubt,

I blink more often when I talk to you,
Does this gesture give you some clue?
Every night I keep looking at the sky in blue,
Has this something to do with those feelings for you?

Every encounter with you blossoms my lonely heart,
Rains of happiness are there in every part,
Tell me how I express my feelings to you,
I wonder if you’ve even got a clue.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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2 min read

Ek khwaab dekha hai maine kabhi,
Jahan tum bhi hogi aur baarish bhi,
Baarish ki boondon mein hum sang bheeg rahe honge,
Unn namkeen hawaon ki mehek ko mehsus kar rahe honge,

Tanha chaand ki roshni mein safed ret ki chamak hogi,
Samundar ki lahrein phir bhi ek azeeb si khamoshi hogi,
Ek khushnuma ehsaas aur ek andheri raat,
Aur taaron ki timtimahat tale bas hamara sath,

Kuch ankahee baatein hongi,
Hontho pe muskurahat hogi,
Aankhon me shararat hogi,
Mann me sugbugaahat hogi,

Aasman ko dekh hum gunguna rahe honge,
Uss anmol pal ko taare bhi nihaar rahe honge,
Raat ki chaandni mein hum khoye honge,
EK dusre ki baahon mein soye honge,

Karke saari bandhano ko darkinaar,
Lahraate samunder ke kinare hoga apna aashiyaan,
Mohabbat hogi beshumaar,
Jo ho na sakega lafzon me bayaan,

Bas intezaar hai tumhara tasveer se nikalne ka,
Tumse do meethi baatein karne ka,
Ek nayi zindagi jeene ka,
Ek naya rasta lene ka.

English translation
I have a dream sometime,
In which you are there, so is rain,
Drenching we are together in those raindrops,
Feeling those salty smell of breeze,

There is glitter of white sand in the light of lonely moon,
There is weird sereneness in spite of waves of ocean,
A feeling of happiness and a dark night,
And our togetherness under twinkling stars,

Some words unsaid,
Blooming smile on lips,
Naughtiness in eyes,
A little hesitation in mind,

Beneath the sky, there are us, lullabying,
That precious moment being stared by stars,
We are there, lost in moonlight,
Resting in each other’s arms,

Leaving aside all bonds,
Besides rippling oceans, there is our home,
Unconditional love beyond imagination,
Which can’t be described merely in words,

All I am waiting is for you to jump out of the picture,
To have a word with you,
To live a new life with you,
To take a new path with you.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

In the night when clouds pass by,
Full of pain these eyes cry,
A faded picture you appears on wall,
Memories spent with you begins to crawl,

The beautiful spark was between us,
Innocent blooming love that could make any soul jealous,
When everything was just going fine,
Why did our interests not align?
After all the caring for nights and days,
I still don’t know why we broke up and parted our ways,
I thought I would always make it right,
Never imagined you could ever out of sight,

Although we argued and fought each other,
At the end of day, we were together,
Fights at dusk always dissolved with greetings of good mornings,
My days won’t great without your morrow rings,

In the night when clouds cover the moon,
I ask myself, “Will it be all over soon?”
I don’t wanna live in darkness,
When will moon of happiness tear down colors of sadness?

In the night when I stare at roof,
I keep turning sides, coz sleep from eyes is unhooked,
Your sweet voice echoes from far behind,
Purpose of my life without you, where do I find?

In the dawn when sunrays brighten my face,
I check my phone accidently for your presence,
These realize were are days of past,
Happy moments are ephemeral, they seldom last,

A feeling of emptiness after unheard prayer,
My life seems to crumble in despair,
With the moment spent with you, my heart dances,
I, sometimes wonder if dying love also has chances,

In the day when I smile widely outside,
There is nothing but a void inside,
If it were possible to rip heart out,
I would the first to try it out.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal, All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I’ll reach to your heart
Coz I’m flying like a bird
Though the road is not that fine
I’m battling for what is mine

There is bloodshed and there is burn
The whole world is short for me to run
My mind has gone blunt and my eyes are shut
The wings of love keep me up

The cloud seems to hit me like big ocean waves
I have to face this, or I’ll break

I don’t know a hush descended where we are
If it’s an ambush I have to make it far
I wish the rain could wipe out the traces from where I’ve passed
Turn up the pages and give my life a new cast
Your mere presence could wake me up once before dying
That’s why I’m knocking your door, I’m still trying
The tears of hope won’t quench the fire till the sun shines
I will battle till my last breath for what is mine.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I’m here,
Do you know?
I’m waiting for you,
Do you know?

O oo oo oo o,

It’s been long since I heard from you,
I just wanna have a word with you,
All I wanna say,
I feel for you,
Only you and you and you,

Your silence is killing me,
Do you know?
I’m waiting for a sign,
Do you know?

Give a gesture
you are there,
Give a sign
the road is clear,
I’ll come all way
tell me where,

La la la la la la,

You feel for me,
Let me know,
Do you love me?
Yes or No?

Why don’t you say anything?
This much patience isn’t my thing,
Even a small sign will give a ring,
You’ve to believe, it’s not a fling,

I can see you
from my roof,
Give a gesture
it’s not a goof,
Call my name
I need a proof,

O oo oo oo o,

Can you see me?
Let me know,
Do you hear me?
Let me know,

I can stop at your door,
Ask for li’l love, nothing more,
But that’s not the way it’ll work,
This is why I fear,

I wanna let you know,
I just can’t let you go,
You’re a wonder,
Do you know?

O oo oo oo o,

I’m in love with you,
Do you know?
I’m waiting for you,
Do you know?

All the time
in rain and snow,
I’ve seen seasons
come and go,
I’m waiting for you,
Do you know?

O oo oo oo o

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I am never gonna feel the same
I did when you were with me
I am never gonna love anyone the same
Why can’t you see?

Baby you took the breath away from me
Left me to live in this pain
I see you in my sleepless nights
Holding an umbrella for me in the rain

I am never gonna feel the same
I did when you stood by me

You cuffed me in chains of memories
Left me to live in this jail
I wanna be there with you
Be its heaven or hell

I am never gonna laugh the same
All funny moments are gone with you

You rendered me so helpless
Left me to live in this distress
Take me wherever you go
Don’t leave me feel this low

I am never gonna rock the dance floor again
Why did you leave me to live in this pain?
Baby you left in my heart a hole
Left here a body with no soul

I am never gonna feel the same
I did when you were with me
All the pain I’ve been going through
Why does it not happen with you too?

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

There is something that
Eyes are void of sleep,
They cry somewhere down deep,

There is something that
Heart is lost somewhere,
Going through the things, it wants to share,

There is something that
Mind is unstable, restless,
It looks for the source to chase,

There is something that
Soul is alone,
It finds familiar faces unknown,

There is something that
Lips have forgotten to smile,
They are searching a reason for a while,

There is something that
Taste buds no longer differentiate bitter from sweet,
They have lost enthu in exquisite treat,

There is something that
Life has jingle of emptiness,
Living it has become a distress,

There is something that
A writer feels like writing,
Make a boring life exciting.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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2 min read

Trembling fear in my mind,
All the courage I try to bind,
I aim to do everything in perfection,
After all, it’s all about the first impression,

Dreamy eyes and heart pure,
Never had such feelings before,
Wanna feel your electrifying charm, I can’t wait,
First date, it’s my first date,

Someone please brew me Felix Felicis,
In matters of love and heart, will it suffice?
Meeting you, Is it my fate?
First date, it’s my first date,

A hundred evenings of hope, I carry in my eyes,
An array of things, I’ve planned for you to surprise,
Girl! Please don’t be late,
First date, it’s my first date,

WhatsApp chats and Skype calls,
My heart to meet you inside howls,
The wait has finally come to an end,
I will finally taste the love’s wind,

My eyes are quenched to see you,
Vocal cords so desperate to talk to you,
Brain cells are ready to discover your inner beau,
My heart is pounding skipping heartbeats few,

I style my hair and wear the best cologne,
I look myself in mirror again and again,
To make sure everything has been rightly set,
First date, it’s my very first date,

On my way, the weather gets changed,
A sudden burst of rain leaving me drenched,
No cab, no bus, I am getting late,
First date, I don’t wanna ruin my very first date,

Somehow I manage to reach on time,
I see you waiting passionately for me,
My feelings for you seem to arouse inside,
The feelings, I am unable to hide,

Irresistible feelings of the naughty heart,
Let me speak it out, they are tearing me inside apart,
I never met someone so angelic and divine,
The moment when the whole world just seems to be mine,

Your cheeks glow softly in the candle light,
The curve of your lips that can easily hypnotise,
The beautiful eyes lovely to gaze,
You seem to be everything for me, I had been dreaming since days,

That nervousness in my voice, outta control,
I wish I could talk through my soul,
So many love stories, I’ve heard and seen,
Were those love or lust, I now know the difference in between,

We just kept looking at each other,
Words were few, and it was over,
But the experience we did share,
It’ll always be there,
A priceless evening without much talking,
I got someone who makes me wanna sing,
Years of crave for love is now quenched,
All thanks to you to make me feel love-drenched,

I have compiled the feelings as promised,
Please make sure nothing gets missed,
Had enough things this evening to anticipate,
First date, it was my very first date,

The most beautiful evening of my life, I must say,
I will cherish this memory night and day,
I hope to have a second date with you soon,
How about somewhere, just us under the moon?

Felix Felicis, also called Liquid Luck, is a magical potion that makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

A walk to remember, a walk on the sea-bed,
Rumbling and echoing voices in the blue shade,
A feeling of peace, a feeling of freedom,
Only me, my heartbeat and ocean’s calming rhythm.

We can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Sometimes, we just have to cross it by walking on the sea-bed

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Her sweet words stole my breath,
Her irresistible charm awoke my spirit from death,
Slowly and steadily my heart lost control,
It beats on its own rhythm, rise and fall,

It doesn’t know my thirst,
It experienced this sweet pain very first,
It just beats and I suffer in vain,
Her absence is driving me insane,

Her soul seems familiar since ages,
Her mellifluous voice echoes in my mind nights and days,

My heart is restless, I’ve lost all my sense,
It’ll be quenched by her only presence,
My eyes look for her in every possible sight,
They know nowhere but her angelic face to alight,

Her intense gaze that almost killed me,
Stopped my heart from beating,
Slowly and steadily my eyes lost sleeps,
Love for her from my blood seeps,

My smile resonates with frequency of her memories,
My attention lulled by her caressing love breeze,

I spend each evening in memories of her,
Morning to nightfall, my eyes await her,
The obsession has taken control over my mind,
This craze for her, will she someday find?
I do believe in love, love,
Does she believe in my love, love?

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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